A flexible and comprehensive Business Management System and CRM. Inhabit has drawn on over 30 years of experience building software for the Real Estate Industry

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True End to End Solution

See your business performance at a glance

MOVE is a business management system with an outstanding CRM. With support for business processes such as Trust Accounts, commission ledgers, staff performance and management and even the handling of your website content, MOVE manages every aspect of your real estate sales business.

MOVE seamlessly captures data as you go about your business day and when you are ready, you can harvest this information for listing and sales opportunities.

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Real Estate Software End to End
CRM Portal Push Website Upload

Website Feeds

Set and forget

It goes without saying that we automatically feed to a huge number of national, franchise and office websites - fast and reliably! What sets MOVE apart are features like; immediate success confirmations, failure notifications with an intelligent tracking system, storage of website links, quick access to web pages and more.

Change Transmit Verify Notify Portal Upload

KPI & Metrics

See your business performance at a glance

Perfect for either the entire office, or just a single salesperson, MOVE helps you understand what makes your business tick. Drill down from the broad brush into the precise details; Review the results of your email marketing campaigns, analyse your listing effectiveness or determine the quality of your contact database. It's all readily available on screen or in easily to read format.

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KPI Metrics Dashboard Real Estate Sales
lead capture auto response email

Website Enquiries

File, Track, Auto-Respond and Measure

Enquiries from Websites are automatically recorded. MOVE will even respond on your behalf via SMS or Email to let your client know you have received their enquiry. The enquiry is then instantly logged against the correct property and the sender is added into your buyer database, if they don't already exist.

Finally, depending on your nominated preset defaults, all enquiries are ready for you to present to your vendors in Vendor LIVE or, if you prefer, a printed report.

Keep in Contact

Letters, Emails & Forms

Without sacrificing any power, the development team has removed the complication of the dreaded mail merge data source - you can generate letters directly from your preferred Word Processor. Whether you need to merge a single document or hundreds, it's so easy, it just takes a click or two of a button.

Not only does MOVE merge seamlessly into your simple master documents, whether created in MSWord, Open Office or some other favoured Word processor, but also more complex documents that contain images and tables with information such as advertising submissions, buyer enquiries and more.

Mail Merge Document and Letter Printing
Comparative Market Analysis CMA

Comparative Market Analysis

Stand out from the crowd

A core responsibility of a salesperson is to offer an accurate CMA to a prospective Vendor. It is also one of the most visual portrayals of your brand. A well-presented, informative CMA will win more listings and better serve your existing clients expectations. Make the most of the data automatically collected from third party software and use the customised built-in CMA in MOVE to help you stand out from your competitors and promote you and your brand.

Listings, Properties & Buildings

Manage your listings - build a database for life

The listing database tracks the entire lifecycle of a listing from appraisal through to settlement or withdrawal, and all the steps in between. Intelligently, MOVE will even offer suggestions if you try to add a new properties that already exists, helping you keep your database clean and tidy. Equally as important, as you go about your daily activities, your property database automatically grows, which you can then harvest for possible income opportunities.

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Real Estate Listings Properties and Buildings
real estate advertising ledger


Ledgers, invoicing, recoveries and oversight

Managing and tracking advertising is an often overlooked and yet it is a very important aspect of any real estate businesses success. The simple step by step approach MOVE uses to record and analyse advertising expenses ensures all activity and money is accounted for. In an easy to read format, you can see just how healthy your marketing ledger is.

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Leads & Opportunities

Move collects, creates & manages leads

MOVE automatically captures leads and opportunities from many different sources, such as email enquiries, other agents listings, property database etc. This makes it easier to qualify leads and optimise your sales growth. Manually entered leads can also be managed and converted into opportunities helping you grow your pipeline and increase sales.

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move lead capture
advertising ledger admin console

Devil in the Detail

Industry leading Admin Tools

It's important that everyone in the Office is happy and productive. Too often a CRM that is suitable for Salespeople is clumsy and cumbersome for Administration staff who then have to resort to Excel spreadsheet and the like to actually do their job. If this sounds like your office, it means your CRM is letting you down.

Agents need great sales tools, Principals need great management and measuring tools, and your Admin staff, who often spend the most time in front of the CRM need tools that really understand Real Estate.

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Income Pipeline

Monitor your income pipeline at a glance

Having quick access to your pipeline is very important for your success as an agency. MOVE uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analysis your past behaviour and performance to calculate your likely future income. You can see what stage your current deals are at and whether you have enough active deals to achieve your goal. MOVE keeps you up-to-date with pipeline value of each individual contract, listing and even appraisal and you can use this information to monitor and manage your cash flow to ensure you don’t fall into the list-sell-list cycle, but rather you list and sell concurrently.

Real estate income pipeline
Property Guide Property Guide

Property Guides

Create professional in-house property guides quickly

To make sure you present your current listings in the best possible light, MOVE has the ability to create cost effective booklets within seconds. Choose specific listings for an exclusive booklet, or select all of them to show case your current stock. With many different styles on offer, you can guarantee that the property will look amazing.

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Built-In Bulk Emailing

Integrated, smart and easy
Bulk Email Marketing Campaign


Send tens of thousands of free emails each month. That's no additional monthly charge. MOVE records the full metrics and management of opens, clicks, bounces, etc.


On Brand

The powerful email system matches your brand exactly and is only limited by your creativity. Templates to get your marketing email campaigns started immediately.


Fast & Easy

Send thousands of emails in a few clicks. Monitor its sending progress and start receiving feedback immediately as clients read and click.

Brochures & Window Cards

Choose a layout that best suits each property.
window card property brochure real estate printing

Print brand-perfect brochures and windows cards within seconds.

Select, from a variety of design options, proof and print immediately

Produce first class collateral in high resolution for quality print applications

But Wait There's More

Move is a very feature rich program, above we've highlighted some exciting features. If you'd like more details you can read about it here. More Details

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What our Clients say?

Customer Testimonails

MOVE is one of the most important tools for our business. Our main requirements were ease of use, web-based, customizable, and multiple integrations. I did not want a system that cost a fortune or one that needed an IT department to get it up and running. MOVE met all of our needs, and we are very happy with the system and service. I have worked with several other CRM systems, both inexpensive and expensive, and did not find any of them as good as MOVE. The support team have a wealth of knoweledge in real estate and support and training of the software. I would gladly highly recommend MOVE to any Principal or office looking for a better option.

MARK RYAN Currumbin Realty
Customer Testimonails

JLC Real Estate have moved to Inhabit from a previous CRM Provider and we are over the moon with what this package provides us. We have more freedom and capabilities with this program than we did with the previous provider. The support has been second to none and we are more than happy with our decision. The support team are always available for us and provide us with knowledge we require to use this package to the fullest.

Customer Testimonails

We are coming on a ten year anniversary in April of 2018 and have had Inhabit with us each step of the way. We have found Inhabit to be excellent.

MOVE also allows us to manage listings from appraisal right through to settlement. Directly email correspondence to solicitors and other parties and also allows the facility to bulk email clients from MOVE regularly.

Since we now also manage our web site through MOVE all listings stay up to date without dual handling and MOVE also allows us to update our BLOG, load agent videos and any other content immediately.

Working with the Inhabit team is a pleasure and a very worthwhile investment for our company as we have expanded and grown over the last ten years.

Customer Testimonails

The Inhabit program has helped us to run a more efficient practice, saving time and money. Using Inhabit we only have to put the data in one place, and from here we can populate various promotional materials such as window cards and print brochures, as well as running reports and lists and sharing the information with other portals.

Inhabit is a great one-stop-shop for the promotion of our properties.

It is great to have this product available on the cloud, making it mobile. I can access and update the data anywhere, anytime: weather I’m in the office, or out on the road. This means I can share up to date information with clients wherever I am, I don’t have to wait until I am back in the office.

The system is easy to work with. It has a user friendly and intuitive interface, making it accessible and easy for anyone to use.

The customer service and support has been brilliant. They are easy to get in contact with, and if ever I have a question I am confident I will have a solution quickly and easily.

My experience with the staff at Inhabit has been great. They are always friendly, helpful and polite. It is obvious they are proud of their product and are genuine about building good relationships with their customers and continuously improving their service and software.

Susan Macaulay First National Southcoast
Customer Testimonails

I wanted to take the time to acknowledge the team at Inhabit software so have provided the below Testimonial for use as required.

I initially used Agency Max to set up my real estate business, I found the software flexible and the hands on interaction with the support team dealt with all my requirements at high level that allowed me to have nil wait time on call backs to assist me with any feature. I also made use of the website offering which was also flexible to my needs and seamlessly uplifted my properties to the many web portals I elected to use.

I have since engaged with the MOVE software and have enjoyed the transition to this newer online platform and am currently building a new web presence with this upgraded features of the software and website product.

I have assessed many software packages and over my 20 years in the real estate industry and I have not been more satisfied as I currently am with the Inhabit MOVE product I am currently utilizing, I highly recommend discussing your needs with the team as the products work and are designed by people who have also run and owned real estate businesses

Mark Todd Todd Property Group

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