Guardian, the Best Real Estate Trust Accounting Software bar none.

GUARDIAN is the only web based Real Estate Trust Account that operates seamlessly in Standalone mode.

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Decades of Trusted Service

With around $100 million under management in our Trust Accounts at any given time, over $5.5 billion in transactions and over $70 billion in property sales, you can rest assured we know a thing or two about Trust Accounting.

You can rely on our software to manage your trust accounts. Our team will support, train and provide guidance through all aspects of the day to day trust accounting.

Standalone or Integrated

GUARDIAN is the unicorn of Trust Accounting in Australia

Whether you use MOVE, COMET or an entirely different CRM, managing all your trust account needs is simple. GUARDIAN’s flexibility allows you to use it as an easy to operate fully stand-alone total solution, or completely integrated into MOVE or COMET. Audit friendly reports and processes are included in both modes, making GUARDIAN your best and only choice.

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Unlimited Trust Accounts

Primary & Secondary Trusts and Investment Accounts

There are no restrictions to the number of Sales & Investment Trust Accounts that can be managed within GUARDIAN. Whether you are an agency that maintains separate Trust Accounts for each department, control large project developments that require a specialist trust account or have a general office Sales Trust Account rest assured GUARDIAN has no limitations.

Interest Bearing Deposits

Single click setup and closure of Interest Bearing Deposits

Supporting Interest Bearing Deposit (IBD) Accounts is a breeze with GUARDIAN. With an elegant single click function available for transferring money between a Sales Trust Account and an IBD, the previously complicated process has been replaced with a smooth, seamless transition. Receipting Interest and disbursing monies back into the office Sales Trust Account is just a quick and effortless.

EFT Payments & Receipts

Easy Electronic Fund Transfers from your Trust Account

Everything needed for both receipt and payment recording for every Real Estate Office in every Australian State & Territory. To make bulk EFT Payments even easier to perform, GUARDIAN can batch them together and produce a compliant ABA file ready finalisation by your banking software. Meanwhile receipting money deposited that shows up on your Trust Account Statement is quick and easy.

Easy Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation made easy

GUARDIAN’s bank reconciliation is as easy as 1, 2, 3…. 1. Check off the transactions in GUARDIAN against your bank statement, 2. Click the reconcile button and 3. Print the bank reconciliation report. With the ability to print past bank reconciliation and associated Trust Accounting Reports at any time, you have the opportunity to resolve issues should they arise later down the track.

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Reports that ensure you comply.

With all the Trust Accounting Reports you need to satisfy any auditor, GUARDIAN is ready to take the stress of your staff. From the Ledger, Cashbook and Trial Balance reports to the Receipts, Payments and Audit Log reports that can be historically printed if needed, we are serious when we say or Trust Accounting Software is the best on the market. Oh, we also encourage you to go paperless and give you the ability to save your reports in a nominated folder for safe keeping.


Rest assured, GUARDIAN complies

With well over 30 years of Real Estate Trust Accounting experience with Trust Accounting you can be assured that GUARDIAN complies with Trust Accounting Legislation in each State and Territory. We go one step further and are always happy to talk with your Auditor on your behalf to assist with any queries and to ensure they are more than satisfied.


Support and Training

When you select GUARDIAN as your Trust Accounting software, you also choose a support team that will go above and beyond to ensure you run your Trust Account correctly. You may even hear the excitement in their voice when you ask for assistance, if you think you've made an error, have an upcoming audit or even change staff, we will happily step in to assist.

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What our Clients say?

Customer Testimonails

MOVE is one of the most important tools for our business. Our main requirements were ease of use, web-based, customizable, and multiple integrations. I did not want a system that cost a fortune or one that needed an IT department to get it up and running. MOVE met all of our needs, and we are very happy with the system and service. I have worked with several other CRM systems, both inexpensive and expensive, and did not find any of them as good as MOVE. The support team have a wealth of knoweledge in real estate and support and training of the software. I would gladly highly recommend MOVE to any Principal or office looking for a better option.

MARK RYAN Currumbin Realty
Customer Testimonails

JLC Real Estate have moved to Inhabit from a previous CRM Provider and we are over the moon with what this package provides us. We have more freedom and capabilities with this program than we did with the previous provider. The support has been second to none and we are more than happy with our decision. The support team are always available for us and provide us with knowledge we require to use this package to the fullest.

Customer Testimonails

We are coming on a ten year anniversary in April of 2018 and have had Inhabit with us each step of the way. We have found Inhabit to be excellent.

MOVE also allows us to manage listings from appraisal right through to settlement. Directly email correspondence to solicitors and other parties and also allows the facility to bulk email clients from MOVE regularly.

Since we now also manage our web site through MOVE all listings stay up to date without dual handling and MOVE also allows us to update our BLOG, load agent videos and any other content immediately.

Working with the Inhabit team is a pleasure and a very worthwhile investment for our company as we have expanded and grown over the last ten years.

Customer Testimonails

The Inhabit program has helped us to run a more efficient practice, saving time and money. Using Inhabit we only have to put the data in one place, and from here we can populate various promotional materials such as window cards and print brochures, as well as running reports and lists and sharing the information with other portals.

Inhabit is a great one-stop-shop for the promotion of our properties.

It is great to have this product available on the cloud, making it mobile. I can access and update the data anywhere, anytime: weather I’m in the office, or out on the road. This means I can share up to date information with clients wherever I am, I don’t have to wait until I am back in the office.

The system is easy to work with. It has a user friendly and intuitive interface, making it accessible and easy for anyone to use.

The customer service and support has been brilliant. They are easy to get in contact with, and if ever I have a question I am confident I will have a solution quickly and easily.

My experience with the staff at Inhabit has been great. They are always friendly, helpful and polite. It is obvious they are proud of their product and are genuine about building good relationships with their customers and continuously improving their service and software.

Susan Macaulay First National Southcoast
Customer Testimonails

I wanted to take the time to acknowledge the team at Inhabit software so have provided the below Testimonial for use as required.

I initially used Agency Max to set up my real estate business, I found the software flexible and the hands on interaction with the support team dealt with all my requirements at high level that allowed me to have nil wait time on call backs to assist me with any feature. I also made use of the website offering which was also flexible to my needs and seamlessly uplifted my properties to the many web portals I elected to use.

I have since engaged with the MOVE software and have enjoyed the transition to this newer online platform and am currently building a new web presence with this upgraded features of the software and website product.

I have assessed many software packages and over my 20 years in the real estate industry and I have not been more satisfied as I currently am with the Inhabit MOVE product I am currently utilizing, I highly recommend discussing your needs with the team as the products work and are designed by people who have also run and owned real estate businesses

Mark Todd Todd Property Group

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