At Inhabit, we pride ourselves on developing long term relationships where our customers can depend upon us to not only supply great real estate software solutions, but we encourage them to treat Inhabit as partners and advisers. We stand ready to share our experience and provide guidance on both technical and real estate topics.

First National Moreton moved to the Guardian Trust Account software in July this year. From initial contact though to the changing of trust accounts the service was extremely professional and the whole process a seamless event. In particular the migrating of data from the old trust to Guardian was done by Guardian staff easing the workload on our office. This software is very user friendly and the support, should there be a problem, is absolutely first class.

Marty Dawe

First National Moreton

COMET has been instrumental in keeping us organised. The functionality and flexibility has helped us with our business processes, become more efficient with managing customer relationships and improve performance. The COMET support team are always helpful, knowledgeable and willing to spend the extra time to assist us.

Bill Aslanidis

LJ Hooker Commercial Canterbury | St George

I wanted to take the time to acknowledge the team at Inhabit software so have provided the below Testimonial for use as required.

I initially used Agency Max to set up my real estate business, I found the software flexible and the hands on interaction with the support team dealt with all my requirements at high level that allowed me to have nil wait time on call backs to assist me with any feature. I also made use of the website offering which was also flexible to my needs and seamlessly uplifted my properties to the many web portals I elected to use.

I have since engaged with the MOVE software and have enjoyed the transition to this newer online platform and am currently building a new web presence with this upgraded features of the software and website product.

I have assessed many software packages and over my 20 years in the real estate industry and I have not been more satisfied as I currently am with the Inhabit MOVE product I am currently utilising, I highly recommend discussing your needs with the team as the products work and are designed by people who have also run and owned real estate businesses

Mark Todd

Todd Property Group

The Inhabit program has helped us to run a more efficient practice, saving time and money. Using Inhabit we only have to put the data in one place, and from here we can populate various promotional materials such as window cards and print brochures, as well as running reports and lists and sharing the information with other portals.

Inhabit is a great one-stop-shop for the promotion of our properties.

It is great to have this product available on the cloud, making it mobile. I can access and update the data anywhere, anytime: weather I’m in the office, or out on the road. This means I can share up to date information with clients wherever I am, I don’t have to wait until I am back in the office.

The system is easy to work with. It has a user friendly and intuitive interface, making it accessible and easy for anyone to use.

The customer service and support has been brilliant. They are easy to get in contact with, and if ever I have a question I am confident I will have a solution quickly and easily.

My experience with the staff at Inhabit has been great. They are always friendly, helpful and polite. It is obvious they are proud of their product and are genuine about building good relationships with their customers and continuously improving their service and software.

Susan Macaulay

First National Southcoast

I have been working in the Real Estate industry for over 22 years and inhabit system is the best! Friendly support staff and always willing to help. I would highly recommend them!

Adele Harb

Adele's Real Estate

After comparing many Sales Trust accounting systems we made the decision to use MOVE.

It ease of use and flow from Sales Trust Accounting to management of marketing and sales person commissions is seamless. The service from the support team is also second to none!

Melissa Hamilton


We are coming on a ten year anniversary in April of 2018 and have had Inhabit with us each step of the way. We have found Inhabit to be excellent.

MOVE also allows us to manage listings from appraisal right through to settlement. Directly email correspondence to solicitors and other parties and also allows the facility to bulk email clients from MOVE regularly.

Since we now also manage our web site through MOVE all listings stay up to date without dual handling and MOVE also allows us to update our BLOG, load agent videos and any other content immediately.

Working with the Inhabit team is a pleasure and a very worthwhile investment for our company as we have expanded and grown over the last ten years.

Emma Gumbleton

RE/MAX Regency

JLC Real Estate have moved to Inhabit from a previous CRM Provider and we are over the moon with what this package provides us. We have more freedom and capabilities with this program than we did with the previous provider. The support has been second to none and we are more than happy with our decision. The support team are always available for us and provide us with knowledge we require to use this package to the fullest.

Jamie Cooper

JLC Real Estate

MOVE is one of the most important tools for our business. Our main requirements were ease of use, web-based, customizable, and multiple integrations. I did not want a system that cost a fortune or one that needed an IT department to get it up and running. MOVE met all of our needs, and we are very happy with the system and service. I have worked with several other CRM systems, both inexpensive and expensive, and did not find any of them as good as MOVE. The support team have a wealth of knoweledge in real estate and support and training of the software. I would gladly highly recommend MOVE to any Principal or office looking for a better option.

Mark Ryan

Currumbin Realty

Prezio has allowed me to take my business to the next level by creating my listing proposals online; in just a few clicks I have created a professional and thorough website to present to my clients using the latest industry data all from the one platform. The design of Prezio has been created with the busy agent in mind, being flexible for quick modifications along with being easy to use – the live link updates instantly for my clients and can be viewed on all devices. It is an unreal presentation tool and now a systematic part of my business.

Stuart Legg

RE/MAX Regency

We were looking at a new way to deliver our pre-list kits and proposals to our clients, when we discovered PREZIO. I have been extremely happy with the platform, the flexibility in creating unique and customised information for our clients and the ease of the system. We have received outstanding feedback from our clients and believe it has put us ahead in winning listings. Michelle has been amazing and the support is 10/10 and so is the product. Couldn’t recommend highly enough, although I would rather our competitors not know about it!

Ryan Hoelzl

Burton & Ryan

Couldn't be happier with the service we have received from the Move support team, Michelle, Amy and the team. We switched from a major provider and it is refreshing to get quick replies with a can-do attitude

Stephen Gage

Zinc Noosa

Decades of Service

At Inhabit we've been building real estate software solutions, specifically for real estate for decades. Below is a small sample of our customers feedback from the 90s.
March 1994

A short note to thank you for the excellent job you did for us on the "008 Project".

As we have said many times, the task turned out to be much bigger than anyone expected, and your commitment to stick with it was greatly appreciated.

There is not doubt we have broken new ground with this project and one of the biggest challenges was to automate the process so it can, in effect, look after itself. This you have achieved remarkably well.

Grahame Cooke

General Manager - Franchise

Alan Lambert

Assistant General Manager - Franchise Administration

Russ Watkins

National Development Manager
L.J. Hooker
July 1994

After attending the National Convention and seeing your new computer programme in action, I was itching to get my hands on it.

I recently purchased a Canadian programme "Top Producer" which I thought was the best that I had seen. Until Now !

Thank you for sending sending me the trial programme to explore & comment.

Having only spent 24 hours with the programme I am even more impressed. (so much so that I had to ring Bill Shields at Australian Software Technology to congratulate him)

I have found it simple to use yet powerful. It has flexibility (a small office can use the basics, while a larger office will be more than satisfied). It is expandable (for future improvements & developments).

The diary / scheduler is fantastic. At first glance it may look a little daunting, but with a little practice its power will amaze anyone.

I have seen a lot of computer programmes & a lot of Real Estate Programmes. Without doubt this is the best I have ever seen & I congratulate L.J. Hooker & yourself for its creation.

Wayne Heilman

L.J. Hooker Cowra
April 1996

As we draw to the official release of version 1.5 of L.J.Hooker-Salesmanager, it would seem opportune to look back at the development of our package as a whole, Version 1.5 in particular as well as other projects L.J.Hooker and Australian Software Technology have undertaken, such as Admin Manager, the Network Referral System and Property Monitor.

Whilst it sometimes seems like a lifetime, we have really only been working together for a few short years, and yet, have accomplished so much in that time.

Without doubt, this success has come about due to two major factors.

Firstly, there is the high level of technical knowledge and software skills of yourself, and the other Software Engineers at AST.

Secondly, and probably more importantly, has been the ability of L.J.Hooker and Australian Software Technology to work together as a team. The synergy between our Organisations is a classic example of "one and one equalling three".

Because of our close working relationship, we have adopted a mutual attitude that the end result is what is important. Getting the job done to the highest level has always been the only goal which is worth working towards.

As is usually the case with Software Development, the full scope of a project really only becomes clear as the development proceeds. Despite all the work which might be done in the planning stage, additional requirements alwats emerge. Australian Software Technology have always been able to meet these additional requirements.

Finally, it would be remiss of me not to formally acknowledge the excellent work done by the telephone support team.

Their dedication, and the way in which they have won the respect of our Franchise Owners by their depth of "Real Estate" knowledge as well as "Computer" knowledge has been a major factor in the success we have had with introducing L.J.Hooker-Salesmanager into our Offices. They are a valuable part of the Hooker/AST team.

Russ Watkins

Associate Director / National I.T. Development Manager
L.J. Hooker
* Inhabit used to be called AST/Australian Software Technology.