In Detail

Introduction to Comet

Positive User Experience

COMET is intuitive, highly responsive and offers a superior user experience. Designed to follow standard real estate processes, COMET understands what you want to achieve and delivers the best experience to achieve it.

The consistent design reduces the learning curve and fast tracks staff on-boarding, in turn decreases training costs and lowers support requests.

Rich & flexible information screens

Known for producing industry leading CRM functionality, our development team has made these powerful features readily available and easy to locate in COMET. Created to help your staff be as productive as possible, the detailed information screens are designed to take full advantage of your wide screen display, making it easier to locate and view information quickly.

Powerful searching technology

The powerful and intelligent searching feature ensures you will never be left scratching your head wondering where something has escaped to. The searching function combined with the advanced filtering and ordering options facilitates better refined results and brings extra efficiency to your staff.

Superior quality photos

See the effects of your actions instantly when you upload not just one, but all your hi-resolution listing photos in one go. Drag and drop to store the images, then drag and drop to re-order them, it couldn’t be easier. The photos are stored against the listing file and are readily available for use on websites, sensational print material and professional email marketing campaigns.

Advanced Security

Have unrivalled control over who gets access to what with COMET’s customisable advanced security function, the strength is in its flexibility. The security feature in COMET is intelligent enough to understand the concept of staff relationships and prevents unnecessary access to information that is deemed sensitive or does not form part of the job description.

Commercial & Industrial Specialists

Sales & Leasing

Manage Sales and Leasing deals through to closure with COMET. The automatic generation of both Lease and Sales Advices, Heads of Agreement and other custom documentation is designed to improve productivity, while the flexible Sales and Leasing commission tracking system allows you to monitor agent performance and office cash flow.

Conjunction Agents

COMET makes collaborating with co-agents easy. With the ability to store external listings automatically, you can help your buyers and tenants meet their specific needs. Additionally, not only can conjunctional agents can be entered so they are linked correctly on websites, but COMET ensures the financial aspect is dealt with seamlessly as well.

Lease Expiries

A comprehensive database of lease expiries is automatically maintained as you go about your daily work. COMET goes one step further and will supplement your own lease data with that from third party import imports. With easy to read reports and reminders, you have amazing tools that give you a strong competitive edge.

Complex Documents

COMET easily creates documents that are often more complex than a typical mail merge via your preferred word processor. Whether its tables of clauses, contract conditions, tenants details, inspections (nominations), matched prospects or even photos, COMET will not only produce them quickly, but also automatically save them against the listing file together with any additional documents manually uploaded.

Tenancy Schedule

COMET instantly updates your tenancy schedule each time a new lease commences. Combining all the relevant lease and tenant detail it is a valuable tool for your leasing agents. As COMET automatically maintains the data, tenancy schedules are completely accurate and can be relied on during renegotiating new lease commitments.

Clients, Prospects & Relationships


It’s the human touch that ensures the ongoing success of agents. Not only does COMET record the basic contact details, but as your relationship develops, you can also enter birthdays, family member details and additional emails, link them to other properties they own and much more.

Buyer requirements & matching

Always exceed your buyer’s expectations by setting their buying requirements. This gives you the ability to adopt the multi-directional (listing to existing buyers & new buyers to listings) matching function in COMET. Detailed preferences include price, property types, category, geography, parking, building area and land area.

Sync with Office365 or G Suite

Synchronise with Outlook or Android via Office365 or G Suite easily. Share contacts between COMET and your mobile device and email client.

Automatic preference entry

To ensure the management of your buyers is as easy as possible, COMET uses the latest AI technology to automatically record preferences based on historical activities such as enquiring on specific properties. Don’t worry you can always nominate their preferences manually.

Merge contacts

Maintain a ‘clean and healthy’ contact database with COMET’s de-duplicate feature. Automatic suggestions to likely duplicate contacts are matched on names, email and phone numbers which you can then view and confirm which contacts to merge, COMET will blend the information together.

Distribution lists

One of the core objectives of using a CRM, like COMET, is to build and improve relationships with clients. Using the powerful distribution list feature enables staff to improve productivity when sending marketing emails, sms and other actions.

One Contact, Multiple Agents

It’s simply a fact of life that a single person may have a relationship with more than one agent within your office - even at the same time. You'd be surprised how many CRMs do not have the ability to perform this. With COMET, you can link your contacts with other staff so only one contact, with detailed information exists in the database.

Companies, Individuals & Colleagues

Along with ability to create tailored contact types, COMET automatically recognises 2 different types of contacts – company and individuals. Intelligently, individuals can be attached to companies and can be recognised as colleagues. This feature helps staff perform powerful searches that quickly highlight relevant contacts.

Workflow & Action Plans

Action Plans

Action plans allow you to promote best practices and define how you'd like your business to operate. Customise plans with unlimited tasks and reminders – then apply it to any appraisal, listing, contact or contract and provide consistent and predictable and repeatable customer experience.


Action plan notifications allow you to notify, via email or sms, your Vendors or Salespeople when certain tasks within an action plan have been completed. It's a powerful way to introduce accountability and timely feedback to Vendors.

Leads & Enquiries

Website Enquiries

Website enquiries instantly become qualified leads that are automatically fed into COMET. These leads are linked to listings, and rentals, and are readily available in our Vendor feedback and notification system – helping you maintain an open line of communication.

The auto-responder promptly sends your clients a SMS or email acknowledging their enquiry and you confirming will be in contact shortly – the beginning of a second to none customer service experience.

Active Contacts

Using the latest real estate AI technology, COMET monitors the behaviour of your leads. Every time your client receives an email from you, whether it’s the latest listings report, general market update or a more specific suburb market analysis detailing the latest area trends, COMET records their engagement and prompts you to take action when there is a noticeable spike in the activity, helping you to service your clients quickly and easily.


Appraisals & Opportunties

With the centralised listing tracking methodology, you can record your appraisals and opportunities. COMET clearly makes the important distinction between an appraisal, being a simple request to appraise the property’s likely sale price, and an opportunity, where the Owner is looking to choose an Agent to sell their property. You are able to follow-up on those owners who are undecided, as well as keep an eye on your conversion rate.

Managing Listings

COMET is overflowing with Listing Management features that are designed to streamline your business and help your staff achieve their goals. From managing all your appraisals, opportunities, listings, sales in progress, settlements and withdrawn listings in one screen to matching buyers and recording detailed marketing, your team can quickly view everything that is happening at any given time.

All Property Types

COMET supports commercial, industrial and businesses for sale.


COMET’s built-in mapping system automatically populates maps to be used in marketing material such as emails, brochures and in-house booklets.

Income Pipeline

COMET offers a streamlined visual representation of possible income for both individual and collective appraisals, opportunities, listings and commenced sales and leases using your historical probability of completing the transaction. This information forms the basis of your income pipeline and displays the income you have accumulated but not yet realised. The data, automatically collected and collated, displays an accurate value on your current work in progress.

Market Place

Track your competitors listings & sales

The built-in market tracker gives you a huge advantage against your competitors. This ability to monitor all properties for sale and sold in your local area allows you to produce professional and up-to-date marketing material.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Combining your Market Monitor data with data supplied by Domain and CoreLogic you are able to stand out from your competition with your specialist local knowledge and produce your own uniquely branded CMA.

Market Analysis (MA)

Use your sourced data to create a Market Analysis report for each of your local suburbs. Similar to a CMA, the MA highlights market activity for properties in a given suburb. This valuable piece of collateral can be emailed to your clients to keep them up-to-date with market movements.

Market Share

Understand your market share at a glance. Analyse your position based on your share of listings or settled sales and leases. This information offers you the ability to review both short and long term trends and helps you remain focused on your goals.

Property Database

A database that grows more powerful, the more you use it. As you appraise, list and sell and lease properties, COMET builds and strengthens your own property database. While displaying historical ownership and sale and lease transactions, your property database really is a tool for your success.

Building Database

For those whose marketing area consists of buildings, you'll appreciate our building database that allows you to group listings and properties into building. You can describe shared building features and contact for the on-site manager and strata managers.


Advertising Account

COMET has the most powerful advertising account feature for real estate agents on the market. Agreed budgets are defined and managed for individual listings, with the ability to set what happens upon settlement or withdrawal, ensuring no outstanding money is inadvertently overlooked. At a glance, you can see the exact status of each account and issue invoices if necessary.

Tightly Integrated with the Trust Account

When advertising is prepaid and receipted into your trust account, COMET readily displays the available balance of the marketing ledger on the screen and at the click of a button you can draw down appropriate funds. COMET cross references the current balance, the agreed budget and amount spent to only let you draw down money in accordance with your States Trust Act.

Marketing Plans

With the choice of pre-built marketing plans (that can be tailored) or individualised campaigns created using the advert library, the flexibility that COMET offers is second-to-none when creating your marketing proposal. There is support of both complementary and charged items to ensure your vendor sees every advert submitted and marketing action completed. And for the office, COMET can differentiate between a retail cost and wholesale charge!

Easy Invoicing

Creating and sending out advertising invoices can be performed at any time, either individually or in bulk. Alternatively, at settlement the balance of the advertising account will be automatically deducted from any deposit held; or form part of the commission invoice if you are not the deposit holder or are holding insufficient funds to cover the costs.

Statements of Account

Advertising statements can be generated when needed, with long running advertising campaigns which are common in Project Marketing or when requested by a Vendor. The branded statements include: raised invoices, payments made and all aged outstanding amounts.

Salesperson Contributions

Salespeople are able to make a financial contribution either in part or full towards the cost of advertising. COMET will track any agents’ contribution to ensure they are accounted for and do not escalate into a bad debt.

Contracts Administration (Sales & Lease)

Easy & Flexible Sale & Lease Process

The development team at Inhabit are renowned for their detailed sales and lease administrative processes. Everything you expect from contract & lease management is included as well as conjunction and referral fees, franchise fees, special deductions and more. Deductions can even be applied either ‘before’ or ‘after’ the commission split for salespeople or franchisors.


In some regions, Offers can be communicated to Sellers as Contracts of Sale. COMET will allow you record as many Offers as needed, and will automatically cancel the ones that do not proceed to an unconditional status. Recording Offers also gives you the opportunity to review them historically and potentially redirect your buyers to an alternative listing should they miss out.

Beautifully Integrated Trust

To ensure a seamless link between the contract & lease management process and trust accounting, COMET automatically provides prompts that help you remain on track, such as when you are expecting contract deposits. COMET also anticipates the drawing of cheques and any journaling or payment of promised advertising funds.

Contract & Lease Conditions

Both built-in and ad-hoc conditions that relate to contracts & leases, such as building & pest inspections and finance, together with their expected completion date can be recorded in COMET quickly. These conditions will then be managed for you and COMET will create reminders for any that require attention.


With the ability to select contract clauses from a cache of pre-programmed ones (or enter one on the fly), COMET’s powerful contract features are once again reinforced. To further assist your staffs’ productivity, clauses appear on relevant documents such as the Sales Advice or Lease Advice/Heads of Agreement automatically when produced.

Collecting Commission

In typical residential real estate, commission is usually due on settlement; however commissions for Commercial & Industrial Sales and Leasing and, often, project marketing, can involve a number of staggered payments. By default, COMET assumes commission is due upon settlement, but can be changed when necessary.

Salesperson Ledger

Easily manage a Salespersons’ commission, wage, bonus or expense within COMET. Credit commission to the agents ledger upon settlement, earlier or later as legally permitted. The Salespersons Ledger allows you to quickly analyse the balance owing at any time and transfer the amount to your payroll system.

Website Marketing

Website Synchronisation

COMET accommodates all websites that supports the recognised Australian upload standards (REAXML, REIWA, Domain, etc), always and without any complication. Information is sent instantly a change to any given listing is made and the intelligent feedback system will advise its success or failure within minutes. Specialist portals such as RealCommercial and CommercialRealestate are supported as are Franchise websites, individual office websites and most salespersons’ websites.

Sharing Data with Other Services

Products such as electronic window displays, email marketing software and even Salespeople rating websites can accept information from COMET. This all works seamlessly with you needing to do nothing other than nominate the service in COMET.

Website Content Management (CMS)

Offices that take advantage of our sleek modern websites have the ability to use COMET’s built-in CMS tools to maintain their site. Add new testimonials, update staff profiles, even edit your website menu and add additional pages of content.

Business Management

Cashflow Reporting

With COMET’s cash flow reporting, you can easily help you monitor the health of your business. There is no need to predict your cash flow future; each transaction is readily available on an easy to read report that is automatically updated with each new contract. You will have a full understanding of your current and future cash flow situation.

Office & Salesperson Reviews

To facilitate an informed and meaningful review of Salespeople, Inhabits development team created a special report that analyses key metrics as they change over time. Calculated metrics are: Appraisal to Listings Ratio, Listing to Sale Ratio, average days on market, price reductions, and vendor promised advertising, average vendor promised advertising per listing, average commission, commission rate, and contract fall over rate, contacts with mobile numbers, contacts with email addresses, and contacts with postal addresses.


Brochures & window cards

At the click of a button you can produce stunning brochures and window cards. COMET offers a number of template options that are sure to comply with your branding requirements. To guarantee brochures or window cards best promote the listing, additional property information such as land and building size can be inclded. With the ability for each listing to store its own customised default layout, the flexibility is amazing.

Drop cards

Hot Spotting is a valuable marketing activity and with our built-in drop cards you can create your professionally designed ones within seconds. They can be printed in-house to forward to your preferred print shop for completion.

Property guides

Create impressive Property Guide Booklets in amazing speed. Based on your pre-selected preferences, COMET builds your Property Guide effortlessly. From there, you can tweak the layouts, customise your title pages, and even rearrange the order.

Email Marketing

Powerful Template System

With our intelligent built-in email templating system, it’s easy to create your own or customise our default email templates. With striking templates, you can produce weekly updates of new listings, recent sales and properties going to Auction, or brand friendly stationary templates that can be used for all your paperless correspondence.

Import other email templates from your graphic designer, franchise, marketing group, or even Mail Chimp or similar

You Decide what is Included

COMET automatically includes listings in marketing email templates, based on pre-set rules, however with the incorporated flexibility; you can also manually select listings. The templates are designed to give you the freedom to choose the best content possible. For example, select a single feature listing to take a prominent spot at the top of the email, then let COMET automatically populate new listings in the last 14 days and then manually choose a single feature recently sold property, the options are endless.

Auto De-Duplicate Recipients

Perceptively, prior to sending any emails, COMET removes all duplicate email addresses to ensure only one email is received by your clients, irrespective of duplicates in your database.

Auto Unsubscribe

COMET automatically places an unsubscribe link into your emails and when a contact requests to be unsubscribed, the process is handled immediately for you. As each email campaign stores important metrics such as unsubscribes, COMET displays how many recipients unsubscribed for each campaign.

Rejects & Bounced Emails

COMET differentiates between the various email bounce types and makes notes accordingly. If your email bounces due to a temporary problem like a full mailbox, you can still send emails out, however if emails are outright rejected they are automatically flagged as disabled. This gives you the opportunity to fix the email, if there is an obvious mistake.

Full Tracking

COMET tracks and monitors each step of the email process, resulting in detailed information available for each email. You can share this valuable information with your Vendor or use it analyse your campaigns success to engage your recipients.

Free Bulk Emails *

With the ability to send 20,000 free bulk emails each month and up to 50,000 for our larger clients, you can enjoy emailing without the concern of excessive fees. This generous allowance would set you back well in excess of $100 a month with some of our competitors.

* Our email policy is intended to be generous enough to allow the vast majority of our customers to send emails for free.

SMS Marketing

SMS Messaging

Integrating SMS as part of your customer service can help engage your buyers – at just the right time. Sending relevant messages such as a forthcoming Auction or recent price change will maximise this engagement. COMET can send SMS messages in bulk or individually with ability to send a link to a contract or building report to be downloaded.

Pick your Supplier

We don't try and make money from SMS. We let you choose your preferred supplier from our list of supported suppliers. Choose the supplier that best matches your needs.


Extensive Reporting

COMET contains a substantial number of built-in reports. The majority of reports accommodate advanced filtering and ordering to ensure your report populates the exact information you require. There is no need to export your data to Excel and then waste time building your own.

Your Own Report Filing Cabinet

For your convenience, COMET automatically retains a copy of all reports produced for a 7 day period. You can also flag individual reports to be permanently saved. And for additional convenience, a report can be filed against a Listing, Contact, Rentals or Contract.

Request a Report

In the event that COMET doesn’t have an existing report that matches your needs, the experienced support team has the ability to create one for you with the built-in report designer. These custom reports appear inside COMET as if they were built in all along.

KPIs & Dashboards


The Snapshot holds important messages and warnings and well as some general metrics. It will alert you to:

  • Delays in updating websites,
  • Errors when uploading to websites,
  • Advertising funds due but not collected,
  • Overspent advertising,
  • Enquiries received but not yet actioned,
  • Deposit shortfalls,
  • Contract conditions overdue.

KPIs & Dashboards

Drill into your whole office performance or as a Salesperson review your personal performance. Get detailed feedback on:

  • Contacts
  • Appraisals & Opportunities
  • Income Pipeline
  • Email Campaigns
  • Listings
  • Authority Types
  • Advertising
  • Distribution Lists
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Share
  • Competition Analysis
  • Trust Account

Trust Accounting

Decades of Experience

Both the Development and Support team at Inhabit have decades of experience with Real Estate Trust Accounting in Australia, New Zealand and many other countries in Asia and Oceania. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of legislations and are often asked to resolve complex Trust Accounting Issues

Real Trust Accounting, Real Simple

If you are an experienced Trust Account operator you'll feel comforted by its look and feel. If you are new to Trust Accounting you'll appreciate how COMET anticipates what should happen next and guides you along the way.

End of Month Process

COMET’s Trust Accounting End of Month process could not be simpler. From the colour coded Bank Reconciliation screen to producing all the necessary End of Month reports, you will be finalised with your End of Month in no time.

Freedom - Mobile App

Take COMET on the road with Freedom our Mobile app. Works on iPhone and Android.

Fast Track Appraisals

Increase productivity and fast track the listing process by entering new appraisals directly into your database ready for polishing.

Tap and Go Contacts

Complete access to your contacts with one touch call, SMS and email. Manage your contacts details and view buying preferences.

Follow Ups

Supply exceptional customer service every time, by adding and completing follow ups for either contacts or a listing, on the go.

OFI Attendees

Record Open for Inspection attendees and their feedback on the spot through Freedom, Eliminating the need for unnecessary third party software.


Stay organised and up to date with access to all of your appointments, tasks and follow-ups through your mobile device.

Real-Time Updating

Keep your Sellers happy - always. Update websites immediately with price changes, new OFI times and more.

Take Photos

Add photos taken on your mobile directly to your database for both properties and contacts. You can even rotate and re-order photos.

Record enquiries & inspections

Never forget an opportunity by recording enquiries and inspections of a listing regardless of where you are.

3rd Party Integrations

The team behind COMET has tried to provide built-in integration with as many complementary companies as possible. Inhabit also has its own API to allow you to selectively provide your information to 3rd Parties. This allows you to have complete control over whom and how much of your valuable information you wish to share

  • REIForms Live
  • ADL Forms
  • Homepass
  • ActivePipe
  • CampaignAgent
  • Domain Campaign Metrics
  • CoreLogic
  • Office 365
  • G Suite
  • Campaign Metrics