REAXML Processor

If you are planning on building a corporate real estate website or national real estate website that supports accepting property data in XML format (REAXML which is a defacto industry standard) you'll need a system that can handle the job.

To provide a compatible XML upload service to the variety of real estate software developers in Australia requires both an intimate understanding of the REA DTD, but even more importantly, an understanding of where REA are tolerant of variations to this standard.

We have built an XML Processor and SQL Database (Available in either PostgresSQL, MySQL or MSSQL). This will allow you to commence building your website with a baseline of compatibiltiy with, and then extend beyond this where you desire.

The system will send out an email automatically for each XML packet received, in a very similar format to REA.

Support for as many separate uploading software companies is built in.

Maximum REAXML Compatibility

We ensure our REAXML Processor is fully compatible, this is far more than enforcing the DTD, in fact it is specifically not enforcing the DTD, but rather through years of experience its most important feature is its ability to match REA's own XML processor and the exceptions to the DTD that it tolerates.

Support for 100's of Offices.

Although the XML Processor can handle just a few offices, it is designed for 100's of offices.

There are admin tools that allow you to setup profiles for all the companies you'd like to allow to upload.

Comprehensive Image Processing

When images are supplied within the XML they can be URLs or JPGs held within a ZIP file. If they are URLs it will download the images and if necessary reprocess them to the correct size. If the images are within a zip file it will uncompress them and process the images and place them where necessary for the web server. It will also create smaller thumbnail images at your specified size.

High Performance

The XML Processor is extremely fast. It's a compiled application not script, it will commence processing received XML data within 6 seconds and on an average server (Dell 2650) will reprocess (scale,zoom and crop) all photographs to your choosen size, create thumbnails, geocode the address and update the database within 1-2 seconds per property.

The FTP Server, XML Processor, SQL Database and Webserver can all reside on one server for all but the larger of corporate websites.

Forward XML

Many Customers like to have their property data sent on to other websites they subscribe to. Our REAXML Processor supports well over 20 websites and portals. It can accept data in REAXML format and send data in REAXML, Domain, RealestateView, AussieHomes (REIWA), CommercialRealEstate, and other XML Formats.

Customer Tools

We even have comprehensive online admin tools that allow customers to manually enter properties (residential, commercial, rural, land, rentals and holiday rentals), manage their staff, upload photos (and automatically resize, crop and scale them).


Q. I am writing a website for one customer. They wish to update their website using the software program they use to update their other websites (like, Domain, etc). I don't want to handle the XML, can I use Valiant to do this for me.

A. Although Valiant could easily do this, it's geared towards managing not just the XML but all the back office processes for 100s of offices, so its unlikely to be cost effective. If you wished, you could have Inhabit host the final website and then its possible for you to take advantage of our XML processor, SQL database, Web admin tools and other server tools. But this does mean you customer will be paying their hosting fee to us and not you. You would of course charge your customer to design and build the website.