Guardian Real Estate Trust Accounting package is designed specifically to help manage Trust Accounting funds efficiently & effectively, available as both a stand-alone module or fully integrated with MOVE.

Feautures include Legislative orientated month end reports with bank reconciliations and log reporting. With the ability to perform ABA banking and create IBD Trust Accounts, Guardian is suitable for every office.

$95 Million in MOVE Trust Accounts
5.5 Billion Transactions
$70B+ Property Sales

Why use Guardian? Here are a few features that helps you manage your trust account


All required month-end reports including bank rec, trial balance, cashbook, payments and receipts, and active ledgers.

Individual Ledgers

Manage active ledgers from the easy to use Ledger screen. Option to print reports for individual ledgers at a click of a button.

Receipting & Payments

Feel safe with the knowledge that when you print a receipt or record a payment, you are complying with the Trust Accounting Legislation.


Dramatically improve your productivity by creating ledgers on the go. Quickly view all active ledgers on the easy to navigate screen.

IBD Trust Accounts

Create and track all your client's money via the IBD accounts module. Disbursement of funds is quick and easy at settlement with the automatic open and closing procedure.

Multiple Trust Accounts

Inhabit does not restrict you to just one Trust Account. Manage as many trust accounts as you need to run a successful business in MOVE and Comet.

ABA Export

Use the ABA Export module to remove the time-consuming process of manually entering individual payment details. Pay multiple clients in one smooth step.

Secure Data

We understand your data is your most valuable asset which is why we use the latest data security technology to protect our servers - your data.

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